A Cheese Board Idea For Your Next Soi·rée

This cheese board is chocked full of goodness!  It has three types of Gouda, a coconut, a honey and a plain one.  I threw in a Manchego for a hard cheese and a Camembert for a soft. There are so many other items you can add or subtract to personalize this cheese board to your liking.  For instance, you could add my smoked house almondmaple caramelized walnuts or any kind of pesto you like.  I also love fresh or dried figs and sliced pear.  What would you add?

Cheese Board On the board, there is a honey gouda, regular gouda, coconut gouda and a manchego cheese with a cluster of grapes, raw walnuts, hazelnuts and dried persimmon.

3u9a5021 In the bowls are crostini, sliced apples, gorgonzola cilantro and toasted hazelnut pesto, fig jam, camembert cheese, Meyer lemon basil pestorosemary garlic almonds and quince jam.  There are also hazelnut cranberry crackers, plain and black pepper water crackers.

3u9a5059 I like to serve an Abernino, Cava and/or a light Pinot Noir.



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