Exfoliate with Pineapple

Exfoliating with Pineapple


A natural way to exfoliate is with the juice of a slightly unripe Organic Pineapple, which contains the enzyme Bromelain.  With its alpha-hydroxy fruit acid, Pineapple naturally exfoliates the top layer of dead skin cells by penetrating through the skin, which increases the rate of new cell regeneration and collagen formation.  This leave’s the new fresh skin underneath and helps to reduces wrinkles.

Pineapple is a potent antioxidant high in vitamin C that reduces free radical activity.  Pineapple contains minerals, vitamins, potassium, citric acid and folic acid.


  • Apply the juice, let dry then add more juice and rub in a little Virgin Coconut Oil or Extra Virgin Olive oil and let dry again.
  • Then rub your skin for a bit and you will notice dead layers of skin start to come off.  You can also use an exfoliant/scrub to help remove the dead skin cells.
  • Rinse and apply a layer of Coconut or Extra Virgin Olive Oil to hydrate the skin.
  • The more you use the juices and the Coconut Oil, the more effective they are at regenerating new skin cells and collagen
  • Add a little Honey for extra moister if desired.


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    I love organic pineapples I really wish I would have explored pineapples beyond consumption but i didn’t. I would have never thought to exfoliate with my favorite fruit. So this calls for a reblog and I will be trying this since I’m sure there are a lot of green pineapples floating around. I can’t wait to try this and I will be back with my pros and cons the minute I do.

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