“My Heart Beets for You” Martini

A totally cheesy name but a delicious drink; I HAVE to come up with kooky holiday cocktail names.  In lieu of myself being on a juicing kick, I’ve been trying to detox my liver from a celebratory few months.

 Enjoying the mixing of all the possibilities one could concoct, I gave birth to this fabulously beautiful love infused cocktail.

MyHeartBeets. This is like a healthy cocktail; no guilt!

After I picked the boys up from school, there were a box of fresh oranges in front of a house labeled “Free Fruit” so we stopped and D grabbed like  six oranges for me.  I thought “orange and beet would go great together”.

I feel like Spring is coming and I always think of  fresh herbs, fresh flowers…  So with that in mind I decided to add a little sweet floral essence with St. Germaine; most people call it the bartender’s ketchup but it does have it’s place; also very delicious!


Recipe:  Makes 1 Martini

Profile:  Original/Earthy, Light, Refreshing

Glass:  Martini Glass

Garnish:  A Twist Orange or Lemon, or a “Rose Petal”


First thing, you will need a JUICER or have your local juice bar make you some to take home with you.  I would say one small beet per drink.

 Then juice your citrus.  Combine all ingredients in your mixing tin or glass, shake with ice and serve.


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    I love that you call it a healthy cocktail. It makes me want to drink it because it’s a guilt-free drink. I am thankful for this version of cocktail because I, too, have had indulged too much for the past months.

    To sum up, LOVE IT 🙂

    • says

      Thank you, it is quite delicious. Guilt free drinking is always a good thing ;P
      We hope you had a great holiday! Let us know how you like the drink.


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