Coconut Banana Alexander

This was an experimental concept drink when I first started;  I made a coconut simple syrup that has such an amazing flavor, then started adding the coconut cream and frozen bananas.


This cocktail has original roots as a gin based drink but later changed gin to brandy popularly known as the “Brandy Alexander”.  The first printed appearance of the alexander was in the 1915 book, Recipes for Mixed Drinks by Hugo Ensslin. Some believe that it was created by a New York bartender named Troy Alexander.  There is other printed evidence that the cocktail may have had a different beginning. In the October 3rd, 1915, edition of Philadelphia Inquirer, the article mentioned, “The head bartender has even gone so far as to invent an Alexander cocktail, which he is reserving to be served during the World Series.”   So it was believed that the bartender created the drink in honor of Philadelphia pitcher Grover Cleveland Alexander.


Recipe:  Makes 1 6 oz Cocktail 

  • 2oz  Zaya Aged Rum
  • 1 1/2oz  Coconut Cream or Coconut Milk (the cream will give you a richer taste)
  • 1oz. *Coconut Syrup
  • 1/2  Frozen Banana (or approx 2oz)
  • Grated Nutmeg


 In your mixing tin add frozen banana first, muddle until smashed up, then add all the other ingredients except nutmeg with ice and shake for 8 seconds if using large cubed ice (if using chip ice shake for 4-5 sec for proper dilution).  Pour into a martini or coupe glass and grate fresh nutmeg over the top.

Coconut Syrup

  • 2 parts Coconut Sugar
  • 1 Part Hot water

Add sugar and hot water together, stir until dissolved.