Erin Gleeson’s New Cookbook “The Forest Feast”

I have loved the forest feast blog ever since I first discovered food blogs; it is different from any other blog out there with a ton of creativity.  I love how she incorporates watercolor into her posts, especially since I like to dabble in it myself.  I think her cookbook is so awesome, not only are the photos gorgeous but the recipes are really simple and perfect for entertaining.


I was so lucky to be able to go to her book signing at Bookshop Santa Cruz for her new beautiful cookbook and if you haven’t picked it up yet do yourself a favor and go get it!


I liked how she showed slides of her cabin in the forest and photos from her cookbook while she talked about the process of creating it including the cover.


The bookstore staff made and served appetizers from her cookbook and as you can see they were disappearing fast.


There were quite a few people waiting in line to get their book signed.


Erin is super sweet and very personable.


Signing, signing and more signing : )


She signed my book with happy cooking and that is special to me because Robby and I love Jacques Pepin and he says it after his cooking shows.


Here are a few examples of what you will find inside.  I thought these Asparagus Pastry Straws were the cutest appetizers ever!


I can see my self getting addicted to these Curried Crispy Carrots.


These Winter Citrus Sangria look and sound amazing!

I’d tell you more about her but everything you would want to know is on her press page here.

Check out her blog

Buy her Cookbook