Angela is a mixologist who occasionally contributes cocktail recipes.


Angela was born and raised in Hood River Oregon in the beautiful Columbia Gorge, a small town 60 miles east of Portland, Oregon.  She is a happy mother of twin boys.  Growing up she had many influences in alternative healing.  Ang’s parents were both very creative so she grew up creating, designing and dreaming of a career and lifestyle where she could utilize her natural creative talents.  Ang started taking an interest in cooking at the age of 14.  Her Arabic uncle who lived with her family for about a year had a big influence on her and taught her some incredible Middle Eastern recipes.

Ang started working for a local Hood River swim and activewear company named Kerrits.  She learned to design swimwear including custom pieces for customers and they distributed to Nordstrom and other smaller boutiques.  Later, she decided to partner up with her mother, aunt and cousin to create an art co-op called Interior Fusion.  They sold  art of their own as well as local artists artwork.  During this time she was also working alongside women who ran an interior design and retail paint and window coverings business.  There she gained a lot of experience in the world of interior design, color, and faux finishing.  Ang was married at the time to a very talented musician, who also taught guitar and singing lessons.  She helped him with all of his band’s P.R., bookings, band identity and tour arrangements.  This is about the time where Steph and Ang met!