Apple Mint Julep

The mint julep has been made for hundreds of years.  I know why; this is a delightful cocktail with the fresh mint and crushed ice making it a must during the hot summer months to come.

Apple Mint Julep Cocktail

The mint julep was originally prescribed and appears in literature as early as 1784 “sickness at the stomach, with frequent retching, and, at times, a difficulty of swallowing. I then prescribed her an emetic, some opening powders, and a mint julep.”

Many know the mint julep from being connected to the famous Kentucky Derby that happens every spring in the south. It has been promoted by Churchill Downs in association with the Kentucky Derby since 1938. Each year almost 120,000 juleps are served at Churchill Downs over the two-day period of the Kentucky Oaks and the Kentucky Derby.

Apple Mint Julep Cocktail

Recipe: Makes 1 8 oz Julep

  • 2 1/2 oz. Kentucky Bourbon ( or your favorite)
  • 6 Mint Leaves
  • 2 oz. Apple Cider
  • 1/2 oz. Fresh Lemon Juice
  • 1 oz. Simple Syrup
  • Apple Slice ( for look or garnish)

Profile: Classic Original/Strong and Sweet

Glass: Glass Mug or Collins

Garnish: Apple and Fresh Mint


Mix the bourbon, lemon juice, apple juice and simple syrup in a separate pint glass.

Using your julep mug or cocktail glass, add fresh mint in your glass.

Muddle a couple of times lightly, add crushed ice, then top with bourbon juice and mix.

Garnish with a few mint sprigs and Enjoy!

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