Who are Steph and Ang?


Stephanie was raised in Santa Monica, California, Aka: Dogtown.  After traveling  to Asia and Europe in her 20s she settled down in Maui for a year then moved to Hood River Oregon, the windsurfing capital of the world!  At the age of 23 Steph opened and ran the very popular restaurant called Purple Rocks Art Bar and Café for 3 years.  At the time the town was only busy enough in the summers so she sold it.  Steph then started her jewelry line named Venezian and sold to 23 stores in Portland, Seattle, Idaho and California.  At the same time she designed 3 top selling hats for Da Kine snowboarding accessories.  Steph also had a natural skin care line which she developed all her own recipes and named it Flower of Flowers.  She took on a partner and they did skin care parties for 2 years, then the partner moved to Maui and Steph decided to let it go and kept on with Venezian and got a job at Flerchinger’s Vineyards (now known as Cathedral Ridge) for 4 years where she learned about the different varietals, bottling and labeling while serving customers in the tasting room.  She also learned about the climates the grapes grow in, the crush methods, filtering and fermentation process.


Angela was born and raised in Hood River, Oregon in the beautiful Columbia Gorge, a small town 60 miles east of Portland, Oregon.  Growing up with many influences from the natural world and alternative forms of healing.  With two creative parent’s Ang grew up creating, designing and thinking of how she could further her life and make a career with such.  Ang took a large interest in cooking at the age of 14, taught by her Arabic uncle (by marriage) who lived with her and her family for about a year, they would create extravagant dinners.

Ang started working for a local swim and active wear company named Kerrits, there she designed, worked on custom pieces for customers and was retailed in stores throughout Portland and Seattle including Nordstrom.  Later she decided to partner up with her mother, aunt and cousin to create an art co-op called Interior Fusion, there the art of themselves and local artist’s were displayed and sold.  During this time she was also working alongside a women who ran an interior design and retail paint / window coverings business, there she gained much experience in interior design, color, and faux finishing.  Ang was married at the time to a very talented musician, who taught guitar and singing lessons.  She helped with all of the P.R., bookings, band identity and tour arrangements. This is about the time where Steph and Ang met!


One day Steph decided to take singing lessons from a friend who taught her by using the guitar instead of a piano.  She had asked him if he knew of any female guitar players who might be interested in starting an all girl band and he introduced her to his wife Angela.  They hit it off instantly and then started a band called Scarlet Luxury.  They had a lot of fun, became great friends and creatively inspired each other from that point on.

After looking for more outlets Ang and Steph put their creative forces together and started a faux finishing company.  They worked so well together, they would dream up ideas while working together.  They both had a love for fashion, drawing, designing and conceptualizing all their ideas in their spare time; they decided to start an accessories line called EvaRuna.  They developed a unique product and learned the in’s & out’s of the fashion industry, working with a long time friend of Steph’s who has been in the fashion industry for 20 years (started Von Dutch Clothing, Bronze Age & Stronghold Denim) they learned it all, from writing a business plan, arranging photo shoot’s, creating line sheets, to samples and marketing their product.  After the recession was in full motion the two decided to move on… Ang moved to Portland, Oregon and Steph moved back to Venice, California.  Angela being a happy mother of twin boys has had many experiences and great tips for healthy family living.  The two have remained great friends and continually inspire each other even after all that.  Four years later Stephanie who resides in Northern, California and Angela in Phoenix, Arizona thought it would be cool to bring all their interests together and create a lifestyle blog where they can share their creativity with the world!


Hello World!

Hello and welcome to our blog of Healthy Living and Adventures!

After sharing with each other on a daily basis our tried and tested family recipes, travel adventures and many more great things we decided it would be a great to share it with the world!  Try, share, explore our site and see how these recipes can make your life better too!

Steph & Ang